SOGLOP- II International Meeting

Mercoledì, 08 Marzo 2017 Scritto da 

SoGlop – Social work with global perspective - An interdisciplinary contribution to youngster’s citizenship building. Marche Region in collaboration with Marche Solidali organized the II international meeting, the SoGlop Lab, as a part of the SoGlop project events, which was held on the 06 -07th March 2017 in Ancona.  The project SoGlop is co-funded by the European Commission and is promoted by Eine Welt Netzwerk Thüringen e V. from Germany and the italian partner Region Marche and Marche Solidali. The main theme of the II meeting was to discuss about young NEET in Education, Employment or Training, the opportunity of developing the key competences to enhance the entrance in the world of the work. The SoGlop Lab was divided into three steps: training, orienteering interview, competences assessment and the volunteer experiences in Marche Solidali.  During the meeting was analysed the progress and monitoring of the project and discussed the capitalization process and the next III international Meeting in Amiens and the final events in Jena.

During the meeting was made the interview to Marquet Frédéric from REGION HAUTS DE FRANCE regarding the project "European Dynamics for DEAR Efficiency". 

Second Frederic, "European Dynamics for DEAR Efficiency" project obviously gave the Region new European partnership opportunities which gave birth to other projects (SoGloP Erasmus+ project) or projects’ ideas. It also allows our local authority to develop new skills in terms of multi-stakeholders project, European funds management and coordination. Beyond the local authority, the project has a huge impact on the territory. If an institutional stakeholders network did not appears on the regional territory, informal dynamics are observed and should be encouraged. Right now, it is difficult to measure how deeply the project impacted on institutional and individual support for development and cooperation initiatives, especially because the first target group was young citizens, but the concept of global education has been spread among different kind of stakeholders (local authorities, youth association, government services, international cooperation stakeholders, high-schools…). At last, the future of global education in Hauts-de-France is directly related to the regional International strategy which elaboration is still in progress.

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