The 4th National Gathering of the Cooperatives in Poland

Jan 25, 2016 Posted by:  

Polish Green Network co-organized, as a part of the ClimATE Change project events, the 4th National Gathering of the Cooperatives, which was held on the 10-11th October 2015 in Warsaw.

The main theme of the gathering was "Common Good Economics". Polish Green Network was a supporting partner of the event and its representatives took part in various discussion panels including one about food sovereignty in the context of climate change.

The main goal of the event was to discuss about the cooperatives' and other initiatives' role in the process of building a just economy and strengthening urban-rural relations, to exchange experience and ideas between participants, and to create the "Common Good Economics" movement.

The event was open to general public and especially invited were all individuals, cooperatives, organizations, initiatives, formal and informal groups working in the field of solidarity economics, direct democracy and critical education. The idea was to create a space where people could meet, inspire one another, exchange experiences and learn together about the best practices in building a movement initiating the systemic change and transforming our economy.

Among numerous participants were Polish and foreign experts, researchers, farmers, activists and other people engaged in various ways in building the new economic reality. The event took a form of a forum consisting of various lectures, presentations, panel discussions, workshops and meetings.

The two day gathering attracted a big number of people and can be considered a real success. More details about the event, icluding photos, can be found here.

Last Modified: Apr 27, 2016