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As a last major ClimATE Change activity in Poland, Polish Green Network organized in January and February 2016 the Film Festival "Climate Change - Community - Future".

The festival took a form of traveling film screenings presented over two days in 3 Polish Cities: Warsaw (28-29th January), Rzeszów (17-18th February) and Wrocław (24-25th February). All screening were free of charge and were held in cinema halls. The festival coincided with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Polish Green Network as well as with the launch of our newly published book "Climate-Friendly Food", which was distributed among the festival participants.

In each city the film festival was organized in cooperation with local Polish Green Network member or partner organizations. In Warsaw it was Institute of Global Responsibility (partner), in Rzeszów Association "Ekoskop" (member) and in Wrocław Foundation for Sustainable Development/Fundacja EkoRozwoju (member). Additionally, our festival was prepared in cooperation with Terra di Tutti Film Festival in Italy which provided several films.

Altogether we screened 9 documentary films and most of them were presented in Poland for the first time. The films showed the consequences of climate change and over-exploitation of natural resources for the environment and the life of communities in different parts of the world. Two biggest hits of the festival were first Polish screenings of the documentary "This Changes Everything", based on the Naomi Klein's newest book about climate change, and the presentation of the film "Inhabit" about various permacultural initiatives undertaken by people in the US. Other presented films were: "Waiting for the t(rain)", "When Elephants Dance, the Grass Gets Beaten", "Indigenous People: Our Fight!", "Amazonia 2.0", "Unearthed", "Hamou Béya, Sand Fishers", "Moving Forest".

In all festival cities each day of screenings was concluded with a discussion with invited experts. In each city one discussion focused on modern activism, especially in the context of climate movement, and the second one on permaculture as a way of addressing problems related to climate change and environmental protection.

The festival was very successful and in each city was attended by a few hundred people.

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