Local Event at "Festa dei Popoli"

Jul 15, 2015 Posted by:  

On July 11th there was the first local event of the project Climate Change in Marche Region to the “Festa dei Popoli” at Ancona (July 9 to 11), an appointment now consolidated grouping various associations of the town operating in the fields of international cooperation, human rights, education for Peace and Solidarity. Cospe contributed to the last day of the festival organizing a concert by Turkish Cafe preceded by a reflection on the topics of climate change, water management and sustainable agriculture and  how the music can be a mean of spreading and awareness of these issues for the protection of the planet.

The concert was very appreciated and the group presented a repertoire of Italian, English and Spanish songs, some of them written for the festival on the issues of the project. During the first part of the concert was presented an artistic performance which combined the musical compositions of the musician Julian Corradini and the drawings of designer Andrea Tonti inspired by the items of the project.

It was also realised an interview for the web radio "Radio Free Resonance" by the project coordinator of the activities in the Marche region who explained the process of reflection shared with local authorities, farmers, universities and local associations that led the definition and the construction of all the regional activities.

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