Climate Change Awareness Day

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On Valentine's Day, Kopin organised a CLIMATE CHANGE AWARENESS DAY in cooperation with the Local Council of Attard, a small municipality in Malta. The event took place in the beautiful, old Parish Square in the centre of Attard and was quite lively, as several masses took place on that day and a good number of people passed by with their families.

The objective of the event was to inform the public on climate change, environmental protection and local production. A variety of Maltese organisations, projects and companies were present to raise awareness on topics such as water scarcity, agriculture and local produce, environmental protection and fair trade.

Entertaining activities, films, debates and games ensured that both adults and children enjoyed exploring the many different ways in which we can all contribute to mitigating climate change and adapting to its consequences. While the kids got face paintings, took funny pictures at a photo stand, made crafts out of recyclable materials or played an educational board game related to saving energy, adults enjoyed wine tasting, got information on climate change or attended a screening of short films, presented by director Tim Lewis of Handcrafted Films. There were also talks by experts on climate change who focused on the Maltese context and the problems and challenges that Malta is confronted with already, such as severe water scarcity.

Instead of producing more waste as usually is the case on Valentine’s Day, great emphasis was placed on avoiding waste production during the event. Even the cups for the wine tasting and those used for giving out soup were biodegradable and were disposed of in compost bins.  

While the local ska band KazinSka entertained the crowd with sweeping music and the guests enjoyed some freshly made pumpkin soup, one could really get the impression that the loving vibes of this  Valentine‘s Day had turned into some positive ideas and inspiration as to how we can do our best to protect the Earth. 

- Text by Johanna Wiest

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2016