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During the first two years of the ClimATE Change project Polish Green Network produced a number of publications on the themes of our campaign. Their main goal has been to raise awareness among the wider public in Poland on the links between climate change and agriculture in the context of food production and natural resources protection both locally and globally.

Report "Growing disruption: Climate change, food, and the fight against hunger"

In the first year of the project we published Polish version of the Oxfam report about the impact of climate change on the causes of hunger in the world. The translation was prepared by PGN and Polish Humanitarian Action in connection with the UN Climate Conference (COP19) which took place in November 2013 in Warsaw. The report explains how the consequences of climate change, such as more frequent and more intense extreme weather events and changing rainfall patterns, threaten the production and distribution of food in various regions of the world. It shows also how these negative impacts can be averted through urgent action aimed at mitigating climate change as well as fixing our broken food system and strengthening its resilience. More about the report here.

Leaflet "Where does your food come from? A few tips for a consumer"

As an introduction to some of the themes of our campaign PGN produced information leaflet for Polish recipients. It explains in a graphically attractive manner why consumers should try to choose food coming from local and sustainable agriculture as it is the most climate-, environment- and people-friendly mode of food production. Our leaflet has been widely distributed during project events as well as various other PGN activities. Additionally, it was disseminated among our cooperating organizations and schools. The electronic version of the leaflet is available here.

Video-reportage "Power in Coop"

In order to reach more people with the message of the project PGN created a short documentary video showing why and how consumers can support people- and climate-friendly agriculture through cooperation with farmers and participation in alternative food systems based on local food production and distribution, such as food cooperatives and various community supported agriculture initiatives. In our film, titled "Power in Coop", people engaged in the food cooperatives movement and representatives of non-governmental organisations working for sustainable agriculture in Poland explain why consumers should try to buy locally produced food and how they can work with farmers to create more sustainable world. The film (with English subtitles) can be watched here.

Research reports

PGN published and distributed widely Polish versions of the research reports from Mozambique and Nicaragua prepared by INKOTA. The report from Mozambique deals with the problem of land-grabbing and its social and environmental impact. Its Polish translation is available here. The report from Nicaragua focuses on the consequences of climate change on agriculture and food security and various ways of adapting to them. Its Polish version is available here.

Cotton bags

In order to promote our campaign PGN produced specially designed bags made of fair trade organic cotton. The printing on the bags uses the logo of our project to promote its themes and Polish website. The bags have been distributed during project events as well as numerous other activities organized by PGN. They have been very popular among the recipients and allowed to inform widely about the campaign.

Educational presentations "Agriculture and climate change"

PGN created also a set of electronic presentations on the themes of the project. It consists of 7 educational presentations serving as an introduction to such topics as: local and global interdependencies between climate change and agriculture; sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation and natural resources protection; sustainable food production and consumer choices. The presentations are aimed at the general public in Poland, with a special focus on young people and teachers, and can be freely used and downloaded from the PGN website as well as portal.

Additionally, we have been regularly publishing articles about project themes and activities in the special section dedicated to our campaign on the widely visited PGN's website about climate change issues: Furthermore, in 2014 we published in the Polish press an article about environmental and social consequences of the industrial agriculture.

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