Farmers from the Global South about climate change

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Watch farmers sharing their experience related to climate change and talking about their expectations with regard to the actions needed from decision makers and the international community.

Climate change is a growing problem worldwide, but its consequences are felt the most by poor farmers in the Global South countries. Water scarcity, increasing temperatures, erratic rainfall - these are just some of the challenges faced by small-scale farmers due to climate change, which has a negative impact on crops, the state of ecosystems and farms' income.

In the short video, recorded during the UN climate change conference taking place in December 2014 in Lima, farmers from India, Kenya and Peru share their experience regarding climate change. In the video they talk about the methods used by their communities to adapt to climate change consequences as well as their expectations concerning actions which should be undertaken by decision makers in order to secure future of the global food production.

Watch the video here.

Source: CCAFS

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